European Union Law

The In-depth knowledge of EU and national institutions enables Global Advocacy Services to identify the most appropriate solution in each case and effectively manage the interests of customers in an area of growing economic and strategic importance.

The European Union is a leading figure in international trade by constituting one of the busiest blocks in relation to global trading. The EU, as a member of the World Trade Organization, advocates for progressive trade liberalization and the elimination of both tariff and technical barriers. As part of its trade policy, the EU frequently uses trading defence instruments, including anti-dumping procedures used against imported goods from outside the EU at abnormally low prices.

Counselling at Global Advocacy Services includes, among others, the following:

– Advising and representing clients in proceedings relating to fundamental freedoms (free movement of goods, services, property, people and capital).
– Analysis and monitoring of the implications of the legislation and European sectoral policies.
– To represent and defend clients in proceedings before Community courts, Ombudsman and other institutions, and agencies and national bodies.
– To advise on customs regulations and rules of origin.