Global Advocacy Services is a multidisciplinary firm

that advises on corporate law in the main economic scenarios of the global market. Since its founding, the firm has always stood out for its international vocation and entrepreneurship. Our capacity for innovation, the depth of analysis of the law, respect for ethical and professional rules and continuous training of our solicitors makes Global Advocacy Services one of the leading firms in the sector.


Every solicitor at Global Advocacy Services shares the same signs of identity, which are the basic principles of our firm that make a difference:

Transparency: Through our online file search, customers can view the current status of their records at any time of day and for free.

Internationalisation: We support our customers anywhere they need through our connections with leading local firms.

Independence and professional ethics: The work of our team of solicitors is governed by strict ethical principles that guarantee the transparency and independence of our performance.

Specialisation: We conceive the continuous training of our community as a strategic value.

Agility and Trust: Relations with customers are based on trust and empathy.

We offer full availability and responsiveness,agility is a fundamental value for success.



The firm has adapted itself to the ever-changing business world to help customers find the most appropriate legal solution at all times.

Our goal is to provide solutions to the needs posed by our clients in relation to their business. For this reason, our solicitors provide legal advice convinced that achieving the goals of our clients is the best way to measure our efficiency and value our contribution to society.

We are committed to using the most advanced technologies in legal practice, providing our professionals with access to the most modern computer and multimedia resources, such as exchange and sharing of digital files with clients across servers, the use of web applications and unlimited wireless mobile devices that allow our lawyers to answer without delay wherever they are, or the implementation of online system that permits our customers to check their records at any time of day and for free.


People are our main asset.

In Global Advocacy Services, our commitment to act with professionalism among ourselves and with our customers encourages us to demonstrate our culture of integrity not only in words but also in deeds. By setting high standards for ourselves and our customers, we make our commitment clearer: Only with the best solicitors we will be able to work to the best customers.

Above all, we act with integrity, always maintaining our professionalism, objectivity and excellence in the services we offer while we maintain our independence at all times.

Our clients and our professionals are our reason to be.


Projection and
Global Consulting:

Global Advocacy Services offers a global service by counselling clients wherever their interests meet, which is a hallmark of our firm.

We give multi-jurisdictional legal advice, relying on close relations with the most prestigious independent law firms in the countries where our clients operate.

Our full assessment responds to global needs of our customers,to whom we offer integrated teams with leading firms around the world. With thesefirms, we share a commitment to excellence and the goal of offering our customers the most innovative solutions.

The flexibility of our relationship allows us to work anywhere in the world to focus solely on the specific needs of each business and maximize our efficiency by selecting the most suitable professionals in each place and time.

The European presence of Global Advocacy Services is designed to serve customers in all operations carried out on the continent. To do this, we have local offices in the keyplaces for Spanish decision-making and investment within the European Union and we have a close relationship with prestigious and professional law firms in major European countries, which offer integrated and multidisciplinary counsel of the highest quality.