Real Estate Advice

The Servicios Globales de Abogacía Real Estate Law Department advise on an array of real estate-related areas:
– Sales and Acquisitions of Real Estate and Real Estate Companies: we have a team of lawyers specializing in the legal aspects of all kinds of real estate, with specific know-how in the legal aspects to be borne in mind when selling or purchasing such properties, as well as in real estate project finance and the arrangement of guarantees and other collateral.
– Development, Construction and Technical Contracts: we have a wealth of experience in negotiating development, construction and turnkey contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other experts involved in the construction process, off-plan sale and purchase agreements, realtor agreements, etc.
– Lease Agreements: our professionals negotiate the full range of lease agreements for all types of property and premises.
– Organization of Real Estate Complexes: Our Law Firm has experience in analyzing alternatives for the creation of condominium property systems as well as in drafting and negotiating all the necessary legal documentation (draft deeds for the creation of condominium property arrangements and real estate complexes, severance, merger and/or aggregation of title, new construction, bylaws and internal regulations, etc.).
– Advising real estate promoters throughout the promotion and construction process, the preparation and negotiation of contracts for sale, lease and hotel management, and the purchase of real estate projects.
– Sale of real estate projects to institutional and private investors, real estate funds and individuals.
– Financing contracts for the promotion and sale and purchase of real estate projects.
– Monitoring, refinancing, restructuring and enforcement of guarantees.