Claim Of National And European Debt

Global Advocacy Services has a specialized team in dunning procedures both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to the specialized training of our team claim effectively and efficiently any debt whether national or international, locating the debtor wherever you are.

For this we have a dynamic and flexible system that provides a high probability of debt recovery and success rate.

The debt collection service conducted by Global Advocacy Services includes, among others:

– Extrajudicial debt claim: we offer the possibility of the debtor to reach a payment agreement
– National payment procedure if it is a national debtor.
– European payment procedure:requiring the debtor to undergo a procedure at the Spanish jurisdiction.
– Internal procedures established in the State of the debtor through our partnerships with local firms.

We also have an unpaid prevention service, in which we provide all the information on your potential customers regarding the granted commercial risk, incidents, solvency, commercial reports …